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PDF Document Perfect Procedures
Write manuals and documents that your employees will follow

PDF Document Click and Learn
Free online information for human resources professionals

Face to Face
Master the art of interviewing job candidates

PDF Document Investing in the Future
Funds available for driver training, employment assistance

Listen Up
10 ways to become a better listener

Passing FAST
Care with application forms will help expedite FAST approvals

Motion sensors
Learn to identify the signals found in body language

Duck and cover
Protect HR files and systems with an emergency preparedness plan

Protecting Personnel Privacy
Collect and guard personal information with care

Create Your Dream Team
Employees will join together to meet common goals

The Test of Independence
Not all truckers can qualify as independent contractors

Get it in writing
Complete contracts are the keys to successful relationships between fleets and owner-operators

The Power Over Anger
A focus on listening and language can help diffuse confrontations

Ads that work
11 advertising tips to help you attract new employees

PDF Document Change Up
Planning, communication will help manage change in the workplace

PDF Document Material Matters
Training programs are only as effective as their support materials

HR Features

Succession Success
Formal planning will ensure an easier transition when it's time to sell a fleet

Best Practices Of Commercial Driver Training Shared

Trucking industry promotes enhanced training for drivers

Summit shares best practices for training, licensing truck drivers

Consider the dispatcher

The driver shortage hasn't permanently disappeared

CTHRC launches new Web site to profile trucking career opportunities

The trucking industry offers more than just driving jobs: CTHRC

Understanding driver turnover

CTHRC unveils comprehensive guide to HR

Who's driving that thing?
Are you concerned about who's behind the wheel of the truck next to you? A look at why Ontario's lax driver training standards need to be overhauled;

Discussing the driver shortage with Linda Gauthier, CTHRC

CTHRC report: Like it or not, the driver shortage is escalating

Attracting and retaining drivers takes a human touch
Understanding what drivers want is the first step

Searching for a path
Trucking industry offers opportunities beyond driving

Benefit from incentives - Employee incentives can help fleets meet an array of objectives

Read between the lines - Application forms (and the way they're completed) can tell you a lot about a candidate

Spread the word - Expert tips on how to communicate effectively with employees

Drawing the line - Planning an employee party? Keep legal issues in mind

The last resort – Don't be hasty when considering firing an employee

The test of independence - Not all truckers can qualify as independent contractors

The laws of discipline - Clearly defined discipline policies will guide your actions

Face-to-face - Master the art of interviewing job candidates

Ads that work: 11 advertising tips to help you attract new employees

Take this job and... : Why some drivers just don't work out. And what you can do about it.

Inside The Numbers

PDF Document Inside The Numbers January/February 2008

PDF Document Inside The Numbers July/August 2008

PDF Document Inside The Numbers September/October 2008

Did you know?
The career possibilities within trucking operations

Did you know?
The best source for new driver recruits

DRIVER SATISFACTION SURVEY: Can you piece it together?
Understanding what attracts, motivates and retains drivers is a tough puzzle to solve. Get some help with our third annual Driver Satisfaction Survey



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